Spring Farm Childcare Review

The owners of Spring Farm Childcare, located in Warren, Michigan, have created a stellar reputation for themselves and their services. They are a stable, established company that is known for providing exceptional childcare services. They offer many professional services such as music therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology, art therapy, music classes, and Chinese language classes. They also offer many different special programs including Yoga for kids, a French Learning Program, as well as many others.

Many families trust Spring Farm Childcare because they are so highly rated by national quality agencies such as the National Quality Association. This is because they provide individualized child care plans that are tailored just for families like yours. They have experts that can meet the needs of each child and teach them everything from yoga to algebra to reading. They take pride in being able to provide these educational programs in the safest environment possible.

In summary: Spring Farm Childcare has been ranked as the best in the Midwest for the last seven years and was the top ranked childcare facility in the entire country last year. They have excellent facilities with a wide variety of activities for the children ranging from arts and crafts to science and math. Their warm, friendly employees are committed to making the children feel comfortable and secure. They provide a high level of quality care with an emphasis on the development of all of the children and their parents. They have received accreditation from the national Quality Assurance Commission (NQA).

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