Moisture Testing in Christchurch

In recent years, concerns have been raised about the impact of un-treated timber on the environment and the risk to personal health and safety. Un-treated hardwoods, while thought to be sustainable, have a limited lifespan and are susceptible to rapid deterioration that exposes them to infestation, rotting and decay. This can result in health risks such as asthma and other respiratory conditions, caries, skin irritations, hair loss, and even cancer. The extensive use of treated hardwood in the production of flooring, walls and insulation, coupled with the low cost of Mould Testing Christchurch, has resulted in less people suffering from the adverse health effects of un-treated hardwoods. Click here – more information.

Why Is Mold Testing Important?

The key benefits of using moisture testing as a preventive measure when it comes to mold growth in the workplace is the identification of high moisture areas where moisture levels are highest and where the most susceptible species are susceptible to infestation. Through the identification of high moisture locations, the testing is able to be undertaken quickly to prevent the worst cases of infestation, which could mean the difference between getting through the summer or winter with less discomfort. As well as identifying vulnerable areas, the tests help to determine how much wood, wallpaper, or other materials may in fact be infested. After all, untreated wood is porous and this means that some moulds will simply grow into the porous areas, without an obvious outbreak on exposed wood. Mould testing Christchurch is able to identify exactly how much contamination may exist and, as a result, can advise contractors and building owners on the best way to deal with the situation. Once the source of contamination is known, mould remediation can commence, usually with the assistance of an expert.

There are many different types of moisture testing equipment and services available, but one of the most important considerations when it comes to the health and safety of staff, clients and colleagues is ensuring that all work is done in an environment free from any potential sources of mold. No matter what type of work you’re undertaking, it’s vital that you are not at risk of developing any illnesses through exposure to spores. Through moisture testing, businesses can ensure that all work, no matter how small, is being conducted in a clean and safe environment and so can reduce their risks significantly. Mold testing Christchurch is an essential part of ensuring that premises and personnel are safe from any potential contamination and will help to maintain the health and safety conditions that are required for all clients and workers.

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