Dunedin Rental Property Standards

Healthy homes for rent are built to high quality standards, providing a comfortable, homely environment, where the occupants enjoy their stay. These buildings are designed to meet local and national housing policy objectives, while providing a welcoming, relaxing environment that will help them resolve problems, improve health, relieve stress and encourage residents to participate in community activities. Healthy homes offer many of the same advantages as homes in more developed areas, offering greater energy efficiency, a greater supply of open space, and more opportunities to access health care services. Healthy homes offer a much safer environment for the occupants of the building, with greater security and less crime occurring on the premises. They also have a higher standard of cleanliness than most council properties.\

Picture Your Healthy Homes Dunedin On Top. Read This And Make It So

Healthy Homes offers its tenants a comprehensive suite of rental services and support services to assist them in creating a home that meets their particular housing and health needs. The healthy homes criteria introduce minimum and certain standards for insulation, heating, ventilation, water and drainage, in all residential rentals. All residential leases must comply with the new Healthy Homes standard by 1 July 2021, with all new and renewed Tenancy Agreement terms complying by that date. All existing and new private rented dwellings must comply by that date.

Healthy homes in Dunedin are built to a standard of excellence and provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for residents to enjoy living. If you want to know if your Dunedin rental property meets these standards, contact the Dunedin council’s property service. Once you have identified a Healthy home for rental, you can arrange to have a floor plan inspection, site survey and building report carried out from a qualified professional. An independent inspector will check the building for safety defects, ensure all wiring is up to code, ensure your plumbing system is not leaking, verify that all appliances, including boilers, are in safe working order, confirm there are no damp strips throughout and identify any cracks or gaps in the wall or ceiling.

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